1. “I charge a lot less up front because you’re not done paying me”
  2. “The examination dates I told you I have coming will probably be canceled”
  3. “The managers card you thought you wanted is actually not the better card”
  4. “I don’t stock certain exams because I can’t afford to”
  5. “When I get caught engaging in unethical and impermissible activity, every certificate ever issued under my name will be revoked, including yours”
  6. ‘The instructional materials I use in class are not mine. I infringed on another’s intellectual property and copied them”
  7. “I have to rent my equipment because I never purchased it outright, and I can’t promise you the rentals will work”
  8. “I have not been given permission to stock the exams in my in-office inventory; I have to order them in advance of each training class, and they may not show up on time”
  9. “I’ll gladly train/certify Managers but I prefer not to have to mess with your other staff”
  10. “I’m neither insured nor incorporated, so you’re the one that is exposed to my risk”